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External Authorization using Oracle Entitlements Server in PEGA 7.1.7



As I go about trying to implement some external security measures in PEGA 7.1.7, I am running into the problem of how to turn off PEGA's authorization once the user logs in so that I can use custom authorization. I want to stay with PEGA to keep the authentication to make sure the user is allowed to access the PEGA environment, but I want to use Oracle Entitlements Server(OES) to control the operations the users can perform based on their roles or user groups. 


I have been looking through the PEGA 7.1.7 documentation, and I can not find anything on how PEGA can connect to OES either. 


If anyone has any insight on how to:

  1. Turn off PEGA's automatic authorization
  2. Connect to OES through PEGA directly, such as map users to operator ID, access groups to user groups, etc.. 
  3. Locate where PEGA does the authorization so I can look into changing it


Any help is appreciated. 

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