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Vinay Mummigatti (VinayM82)
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Posted: June 28, 2017
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Favorite Pegaworld keynote - Session by Dr. Rob Walker Vice President, Decision Management and Analytics

The session by Dr.Rob Walker was an eye opener to the world of AI and RPA. In my role as head of BPM and RPA COE at Bank of America, I see a huge excitement and possibilities across the banking value chain for AI driven automation. Also, we see a lot of confusion and ignorance about what use cases are covered within the realm of AI and RPA. Dr.Rob's presentation touched upon some of the fundamental aspects such as :

1. The control and governance of Bots from going rogue - dispelling the myths and addressing the real concerns.

2. The applications of AI within Marketing , sales and service - explained practical opportunities which helps customers like us to tap into the AI potential.

3. The complex topic of emotional versus artificial intelligence and the role of humans in the organizations as we embrace robotic automation.

The overall presentation was filled with practical examples ( Da Vinci painting), research data which made the session educational and practical at the same time.

Robotic Process Automation
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