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Posted: August 7, 2015
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Flash an alert message on click of Action drop down of Review harness

Hi All,

we are having  "Actions" link on case content header section of review harness where  local actions are getting populated, and there we need to flash an alert message/model dialog by conditionally to the user when click on "Actions" link .

Use Case : Two users opened a case in review mode , and a case gets resolved by one user, and if other user trying to perform a local action on review harness then we need to flash a message saying that case is resolved by other user ,so please refresh it to get the recent updates.

I could see that OOTB activity(pyWorkActionsPopulateReview) is getting called on click of "Action" link, and i can get status of case from DB whether it's resolved or not, But  the problem here is ,I don't see any space to plug in java script or model dialog to flash a message on screen when a case is resolved.

I tried to call harness & show-HTML method from above activity and they are executing it but alert is not coming up on screen, and I can’t launch a model dialog by conditionally on click of “Actions” link.

Please suggest here if anybody had work around on this .

PRPC version : 7.1.6

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