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Get Enabled! Taking Your Pega Knowledge to the Next Level - How Aflac Achieved Project Success

The secret of every successful Pega application is in the team behind its release. Assigning properly trained individuals, and accounting for product knowledge and experience allows projects to get off the ground faster, with reduced costs. While Pega’s product offers low-code development solutions, it is important to understand the full breadth of the product to utilize all it has to offer.

Pega offers a wide array of training and documentation assets to support implementations. Ranging from specific product/role-based trainings to technical documentation and our Pega Express delivery methodology, built for ensuring success.

We realize it can be difficult to take resources away from their development time in order to accommodate training, but the end result is worth it – let’s take Aflac for example.

In addition to completing Pega Academy’s online missions, Aflac coordinated a workforce development effort in Northern Ireland by partnering with Belfast Metropolitan College to offer private trainings for their team. Not only did they create an environment conducive to learning, but they were also able to eliminate any distractions employees may have faced with on-the-job learning. By preparing for the upfront delay, they were able to hit the ground running with a strong and enabled workforce.

The group that benefited from the training came from a range of non-IT disciplines and this helped to broaden the tech talent pool in Northern Ireland – which in turn improved the cognitive diversity of the Aflac team by attracting people from different academic backgrounds into exciting new tech roles with Pega.

We understand the value of career-development, which is why Pega has partnered with universities across the globe to offer our training at no additional cost to the school. Beyond universities we also work with many of our partners to offer training solutions through our Authorized Training Partners and Workforce Development Partners in various regions and languages to accommodate specialized requests.

Interested in learning more about how Pega’s Authorized Training Partners (ATP) and Workforce Development Partners (WDP) are helping to train and provide placement opportunities for the next generation of Pega developers around the world? Stay tuned for our next Collaboration Center post during Technical Enablement Month as we cover both programs in greater detail!

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