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GetNextWork behavior in course content- Would it help if these points are added to the content?

This is from the following lesson. Lead System Architect -> Assigning Work -> Get Next Work

If Get from workbaskets first is selected, the Work-.findAssignmentInWorklist activity is skipped andWork-.findAssignmentInWorkbasket is immediately invoked

Would it help if these points are added to the content?

  1. If no assignment is found in findAssignmentInWorkbasket, then findAssignmentInWorklist is called.
  2. User's access to a given WB is validated In findAssignmentInWorkbasket activity during GetNextWork. i.e., canPerform access check is also done on each of the workbasket assignment before it is retrieved for the user display. It is not that user always has access to the WBs that belong to his/her workgroup or those listed in the operator rule form. Refer to attachment also.
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