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Posted: February 24, 2016
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Having problems running the new PVS format (on Virtualbox)?

Is anyone else having issues with the new PVS deployed on Virtualbox (vs. the older VM Ware ones)? I have tried workarounds, BIOS updates, disabling Hyper-V, etc. and I still can't get the one I downloaded (from the CPM self-study - the free one not the one you pay credits for) to boot on my Lenovo X1 laptop running Win 8.1 with Hyper-V.

I have yet to approach my IT dept about this, but the solutions around uninstalling Hyper-V seem to be the only way to make this happen. I haven't had a problem with the setup on my Win7 machine which does not have Hyper-V installed. I don't want the only option to be "reinstall windows" for the benefit of a PVS, but I suppose if that's it then I'll have to make do.


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