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For as much success we've had in getting posts prompt replies in the previous iteration of the PSC, there are always a handful that slip through the cracks over the course of a couple days. The PSC Moderators are on a constant lookout for such posts and when they see one in need of a little extra attention, will tag it with the #HelpMe category.

Those looking to help out their fellow participants in need can use the link under Featured Content to view a complete list of #HelpMe posts. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this system. Because who knows, the day may come when your question needs a little #HelpMe attention :)

Also, a quick note on this subject. This is a brand new platform and, as mentioned, there will be the kinks that come with something so new that need to be worked out. One such kink is that the Group Tags intended for moderator use appear to be available to you, the end user. And as a result, you are using them. Why wouldn't you? :)

Based on previous experience, for the #HelpMe system to be effective, we need to keep it to a relatively small list of curated posts. If everyone tags their posts with #HelpMe, it quickly loses its value.

So for as long as the Group Tags remain visible to you guys, I'd kindly request you refrain from tagging your own posts. And please don't be upset if one of our moderators removes the tag from your post either. Hopefully, this will be addressed soon and be a non-issue.

So get on out there everyone and #HelpMe!

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