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Posted: April 16, 2015
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Hierarchy rule tree grid Questions

I am new to Pega and working in Pega 7.1.7

I was wondering if you could give me a basic Approach on how to hand the following:


If I have the following Relationships.

Our System has multiple Clients (PageList) that has Multiple Plans (Embedded PageList) that has Multiple Rates (Embedded PageList).


I thought a good way to display the information is in a hierarchical Tree Grid.

Client 1 Details

Client 2 Details

Client3 Details

  • Plan 1 Details
  • Plan 2 Details
    • Rate 1 Details
    • Rate 2 Details

Client 4 Details



Question: Is this possible?

(All the examples have the tree grid being  Employee that are related to other employees , or tasks  that is a list of other tasks… Do Tree grids need to be recursive onto its own data class?)



My Approach:

In the Data Class Create the Data Model  - Rate

In the Data Class Create the Data Model  - Plan which has a Pagelist of Rates

In the Data Class Create the Data Model  - Client which has a Pagelist of Plans

In the Work Class for the Case – a Property for Client as a  Pagelist


The Data Source for  the  Tree Grid is either the Property or Report Definition

  1. If I select Property and Applies to .Client (pagelist from Work Class)  Don’t see how to define the next level in the hierarchical structure (my case list of plans)
  2. If I select Property and Applies to .Client (pagelist from Work Class)  - All  data in the grid is empty.
  3. If I select Report Definition , and the select the D_ClientList, But how do your configure  if click on the row display the List of Plans for that Client.
  4. If I select Report Definition , It seems that section is now being populated by the D_Page which is Read only.
  5. I forget the approach we would have to take to get this to work.


Also is that how we should setup the Data Structure? If I wanted to Access the 2015 rates for Plan ABC for Client 123, how would you do that?

Assuming Drop Down menu  for Client ( source D_ClientList)

Assuming Drop Down menu  for Plan ( source ?  D_ClientPlanList  with Param.ClientId)

Assuming Drop Down menu  for Rates ( source ?  D_ClientPlanRateList  with Param.ClientId and PlanId)

Include the  RateDetail Section for the Data Class Rates with Source ?  .client(ClientId).Plan(PlanId).Rate(2015)


What I am failing to understand

  1. Should I copy the Data for the D_Page to the Work Case? Or can we edit the Data Page directly.
  2. When creating Embedded DataLists should I include the parents Id as a property in the Childs Data Model? If not how does one access the embedded data?
  3. Should I continue with the Tree Grid approach? Is so how do you define the child in the tree grid?




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