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Posted: March 17, 2021
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How to bring back the old attachment utility in Theme Cosmos

By default, the case page template in the Cosmos Theme provides the same attachment utility that was included in UI-Kit 12 and higher. This attachment utility is named 'Files and Documents. It lets you attach different types of content (rich text, local file and url)

new files and document utility

When attaching a simple file (using the local file option), you need to provide a name for the attachment - a new document will be created and the file will be attached to the document. this utility allows previewing the attachment using the preview panel (if the file is of type pdf or an image) as well as to drill down into the document.

see https://community.pega.com/knowledgebase/articles/whats-new-pega-platform/provide-meaningful-and-relevant-content-new-document-features-82 for more details

There are several limitations with this utility:

  • only one file can be attached at a time using the modal dialog - you need to open a new modal dialog for every file
  • each file is attached to a separate document - previewing the attachment will require drilling down into the document case type
  • it is not possible to select the category type of the attached file

This document describes how to use the old attachment utility widget that was provided in UI-Kit 11 or lower in Theme-Cosmos. The older attachment utility only supports local files and URLs - it is not possible to attach rich text content. the old utility does also not support preview or the preview panel - the only option available is to download the file

Clicking on the wheel button in the utility will bring an action menu that lets you add a file or a URL

old attachment - menu

The modal dialog will let you attach several files and pick the attachment category

attachment utility old - info2

The attached files will then display in the utlity

attachment utility old - info3

To bring back the old utility, you can copy the section pyCaseRelatedContent from the attached RAP into your application


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