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Posted: September 20, 2015
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How can I pass a boolean parameter input to a flow to a boolean parameter in an activity within that flow?

I have an activity that has a boolean (true/false) parameter - let's call it SkipCalculation for the sake of argument - and I have a flow that has an identical parameter (i.e. also named SkipCalculation, also boolean) that needs to call the activity and pass the value of the flow's SkipCalculation parameter to the activity's SkipCalculation parameter. The trouble is, on the properties form for the activity in the flow I only get a drop-down listing "yes" and "no" for the SkipCalculation parameter of the activity - there is no option but to select yes or no. How can I set the SkipCalculation parameter of the activity to be taken from the SkipCalculation parameter of the flow ... or will it happen automatically because the parameters are identically named?

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