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Ryan Feeney (feenr)
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Posted: November 1, 2019
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How can I support more than four stages in a Pipeline?


Supporting more than 4 environments in a pipeline is on the roadmap. We have also found that a majority of Pega customers are managing their path to production with 3 to 4 environments. However it is possible to satisfy this workflow with the existing version of Deployment Manager.

  • Create two pipelines for an application to satisfy this requirement.
  • There could be a dev pipeline that is configured to allow the developers merge their changes, which can act as the developer continuous integration pipeline, UPlusCSDevin the example below. In the example below, UPlusCSDev stops at Quality Assurance, and also has the “Produciton ready” checkbox selected. This will ensure that any deployments that successfully pass QA will added to the Prod repository.
  • The Uplus_CS pipeline will be the main pipeline to go to production and here you will avoid the existing Development or Quality Assurance environments and instead only target the higher environments such as Staging or Production.
  • In the UPlus_CS production pipeline, use the option Deploy existing artifact and pick the completed builds


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