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How to check your Account Administrator details on My Support Portal

My Support Portal has been enhanced to display your Account Administrator details more prominently. Now, your Account Administrator details can be seen right on screen! All you need to do is to select the Account for which you wish to display the Account Administrator details. Here’s how you could check that!

Step 1: Log in to PDN and Navigate to My Support Portal. Below are the navigation directions from the PDN Homepage.
PDN > Support > Pega Support > MY SUPPORT PORTAL

Step 2: Observe the left pane to see the Account Administrators associated with the default Account selected. The default account is the account that you were last associated with during the previous session.

Step 3: Click your account name to select another account that you are affiliated with. This use case is applicable only if you are associated with multiple accounts.

Step 4: Select the account for which you wish to view the Account Administrator information.

---End of steps

Please note that this is applicable only if you are associated with an Account. If you are not associated with any account but wish to do so, please contact your Pega Account Executive.
Additionally, here are the numbers to call in to Pega Support: Support Contact Information

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