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How to Close an default tab (like "Home") after Opening one work item tab using java script

we have an IAC requirement where we are openning a work item in tab using a js.

so what we used a harness  A  and a section B inside that A harness.

Then inside the section B we put a workarea control in workarea control configuration we put tabbed to yes and provide id .Then Put Open By Default row where we mentioned a harness name C.

Then refer the harness A in IAC.

Then in Harness C containg a section D and the section D is containing the java script which is opening a work item in a new tab apart from the home tab which is mentioned in the work area configuration tab.

So currentl we have 2 tab one for default Home tab another is workitem item so now after loading of the workitem tab i want to close the home tab from the js code in section D.

Code inside the section D

function openWorkObjectIAC(){
var a=pega.desktop.getCurrentSpaceName();
//i want to place my code here to close the existing home tab after loading of the workitem in a new tab
   var customAppWindow = null;

   customAppWindow = pega.desktop.support.getDesktopWindow();

   if (customAppWindow != null){

     if (typeof customAppWindow.openWorkInPRPCWorkArea == 'function'){







It will be very helpful if any body have any solutions and other thoughts.

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