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How to Configure Multiple Web server Nodes for DevOps 7.3.1 Implementation?

For DevOps Implementation We need to configure Multiple Nodes in same machine. as a example SOR and Orchestration Server can configures in same host as two different Nodes (Web servers).And It Accessing two different Databases when Running.

  • Configuration changes in 'Server.xml' file tomcat config folder. (File Location : "<<Tomcat Folder >>\tomcat\conf\server.xml" ).
  • Web server HTTP/1.1 Port Change the Port that Need to use and Selected port should be unique.
  • Web Server Shutdown Port Configuration the Changes done in "Server.xml" file. (File Location : "<<Tomcat Folder >>\tomcat\conf\server.xml" ).
  • the shutdown also be a unique port and this is the port that use to shutdown the web Service.
  • AJP Port Configuration the Changes done in "Server.xml" file. (File Location : "<<Tomcat Folder >>\tomcat\conf\server.xml" ).
  • what is AJP
  • AJP Port should be a unique Port as other ports.

  • After Saving all the configurations restart web servers.

Note : before select your ports make sure all selected ports are available and check firewall blockings for each port.All the IP Addresses and Ports are arbitrary.

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