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How to highlight updated fields on the NEXT screen

Here is a common business scenario.


1. CSR submits a form to manager for approval.

2. The manager review the form then returns the form to the CSR for further update of the form.

3. CSR updates the original form and submits the form to the manager for approval again.

4. The manager reviews the updated form and make a decision: approve or reject.


Some times the submitted form may contains tens of or even hundreds of fields to be reviewed carefully by a manager.

In such a situation, for the first time reviewing task (e.g.step 2 in the above scenario)  there is no way but reviewing all the fields one by one no matter how much time it takes,

However, for the further reviewing task (e.g. step 4 in the above scenario) there is no need to go through all fields again, if the updated fields are highlighted on the screen and easy to spot with.


Comparing the clipboard values between the form data before updated and after updated and list up all updated properties and their values in a list may be enough for auditing purpose,

however listing all difference will not provide a good user experience, especially when the form fields are spread over tabbed layouts or even nested tabbed layouts.


Any design patterns, best practices, real stories regarding this design topic are welcomed.

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