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How to Implement a For Loop with a Data Transform

On a recent project my customer required a grid to be pre-populated with a number of empty rows as specified by the user. In the past I might have written an Activity rule with a For loop to accomplish this task. However, since best practice is to avoid using Activity rules as much as possible, I found I could accomplish the same task with Data Transform rules. The trick is to use the Data Transforms recursively, with each recursive call adding a row to the page list.

In my case, I used one data transform to initialize the operation and set guard conditions. The NumberOfRows parameter is provided by user input and is passed in the first call to RecursiveAppend.

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The RecursiveAppend Data Transform does the work of creating the page list and setting the row number on each page in the list.

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I've posted this because I haven't seen many posts about recursion or how to avoid using Activity rules. I expect this approach can be used in many situations that would otherwise require a For loop implementation.

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