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François Reincke (Fran?oisR)
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Posted: January 22, 2016
Last activity: August 11, 2017

How to include section from page group

Hi all,

I've been stumped by something that should be very simple.

I currently have many copies of sections with text controls which refer to properties in this fashion:

First section: .MyPageGroup(FistItem).Property1, .MyPageGroup(FistItem).Property2, etc.

Second section: .MyPageGroup(SecondItem).Property1, .MyPageGroup(SecondItem).Property2, etc.

Third section: idem.

Every section has his/her own flow actions and every flow action has his/her own flows.

Well, since Pega is all about re-use, I tried to simplify, but I have hit some problems:

First, It seems to be impossible to include a section in a section using a page group reference.

I have created a section in the class of MyPageGroup. In the original section I try to include that section, setting the reference to "Use clipboard" and setting .MyPageGroup(FistItem) as the page to use. Checked that page was added to the Pages&Properties tab (it was) and save. But when displaying the section the included section is not present.

Second, Referencing a page group with a parameter doesn't work. So, .MyPageGroup(param.Pagegroup) will always lead to an error.

Third, it does not seem to be able to parameterize a flow action. That parameters tab is not present. This breaks the "parameter chain" from section to flow.

Am I missing something blatantly obvious here?

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