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Roberto Luces (Roberto95)
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Posted: June 20, 2016
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How to Manipulate DateTime Properties

Hey Pega Community,


Once again, I am new to Pega and I am working on this little function.

So I want to display an Icon after 1 second has elapsed. In JavaScript the way to do this is giving the icon and ID and then simply using the setTimeOut() function.

In Pega i am not sure how to fully do it.

I have set up a DateTime Object that currently has no value.

I would like to know how to initialize such property to the current date and time (I know there is a function called @currentdatetime and there is a .pxCreateDateTime, but I am not sure how to set a DateTime property using these, am I supposse to simply call a data transform and paste @currentdatetime or .pxCreateDateTime in the field next to "equals to" ?).

I also want to know how I can display this DateTime property on the screen, to check that is the correct time I am looking for.


Thank you all for helping or just looking through this,

Very much appreciated,


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