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Posted: November 20, 2015
Last activity: November 23, 2015

How to pass XML string as an request parameter to a SOAP service

Hi All,

We are using Connect-SOAP to communicate with an external service provider. One of the request paramter expects an xml string. I have prepared an xml string using XML Stream rule and tried to pass that string as the request. In the tracer I've noticed that "<" and ">" charectors were replaced by "&lt;" and &gt; in the request xml string. I learnt that this is an expected behaviour as per the XML 1.0 guidelines.

(Ex: &lt;safetyreport>&lt;occurcountry>US&lt;/occurcountry>&lt;reporttype>Spontaneous&lt;/reporttype>&lt;serious>true&lt;/serious>&lt;/safetyreport>)


As per the guideline we need use CDATA section to pass the xml string inside an xml node. So I tried to append the request string as follows.


When I use this I am seeing the request xml as below.


Can someone help me to pass the xml string in the correct format?


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