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Posted: April 11, 2018
Last activity: April 13, 2018

How Pega blocks user login using IE Unsupported browsers

In my application, users login to Pega using Site Minder SSO. After upgrading to Pega 7.2.2, users suddenly started facing issue login into the Pega from Internet Explorer. It was surprising because the users were using latest IE versions like Edge or IE11.

What we found is the SSO page which redirects to Pega, was still using older Document Mode. This can be seen by pressing F12 on the SSO login screen.

Pega uses UserAgentString of IE to determine the document mode. In this case, it was taking IE8.0 as the SSO page was still using this older mode to support the non-upgrade sso website and other enterprise applications.

So, Pega was 'thinking' that the user is actually using an older browser version and from 7.1.9 onwards Pega has stopped support for any IE version below 10.0.

Solution: We modified Pega OOTb rule- pyUnsupportedBrowsers and removed the UserAgentString check for IE 9 or lower. Ofcourse, this is not Pega recommended and we had to do it to resolve our specific case. But, we had to do thorough regression testing to make sure none of the UIs are misbehaving after this change.

Hope this is helpful.


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