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Gaurav Gupta (GAURAV6591)
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Hcl Technology
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Hcl Technology
Posted: August 12, 2015
Last activity: October 29, 2015

How Pega PRPC ensures that Queued items to be processed by agent will be processed by only one agent in multinode environment.


Here is a scenario on agent…

We have created one standard agent and corresponding agent activity is processing incoming email and creating work object in application. Agent rule is to process at max 5 items in one go.


My production environment is multimode system with 4 nodes. Above agent rule has created 4 schedule instances. All four instances are ready to process incoming email.


I would like to know at this point is that how pega agents select items from Queue? I believe this is based on pyminimumdatetimeforprocessing property. But question here is that if one instance of agent has selected a particular set items from Queue then will same items will be picked by other instances? How other instances of agent will identify that a particular item is already selected for processing?

Example: let's say there are 25 items present in Queue. One instance of agent has selected first 5 items from queue for processing. Now on what bases second instance of agent will select items from Queue? Will it also select first 5 items or next 5 items i.e from 6 to 10? if second instance is selecting first 5 items then it will be resource contentions and this could be performance issue.


Same is also applicable for SLA agents. How such standard agents are working in multimode environment. Is schedule agent is marking items when selecting from queue so that other agents don’t select those items?


Please share your knowledge.


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