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Posted: September 3, 2020
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How to remove Page version Numbers from screen.

In case if you want to hide the software version displayed you can do the following.


There are 4 major places you will see the version number.


  1. Login page, in case if you are using OOTB / Non SSO login, it is possible for you to see the Pega's version number there.
    1. In order to fix this, you can simply Update web-login  HTML rule.
  2. In case of Page failure, while you login from some SSO like OKTA.
    1. For this, the Error.JSP file needs to be updated. You may need to contact the Server maintenance team like Pega cloud in case if you are using Pega cloud as the infra team. They will provide the current Error.JSP file, you can update that by removing the version content and ask them to redeploy that updated file and request for a restart.
  3. ActivityStatusError - Section.
    1. This section can be modified in your respective ruleset and remove the version part.
  4. pzActivityStatusSuccessHTML - HTML rule.
    1. This is a final rule, So save as this rule into your Ruleset version by modifying the rule name  for ex. <your org Name>ActivityStatusSuccessHTML .
    2. Update the Activity ActivityStatusNoContentHandler by saving it as in your ruleset version  and update the Parameter in step 2. ( HTMLStream)



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