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Posted: October 20, 2020
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How to render a total row for a table or repeat dynamic layout

It is very typical to render a row at the bottom of a table that will perform some automatic calculation of each elements in the column and display a total.

Example of total rows

In the example above, we want to categorize the data by 'line' and for each line item render a total cost at the bottom of the table.

Most of the implementation relies on adding some transformation inside the data page to append a new row at the bottom of the page list and to populate it with a total calculation. While this implementation can achieve the design, it pollute the data with an unnecessary row and does not work well when trying to group the data using a certain field.

Let's review a better implementation that will work with optimized and legacy tables as well as table in edit mode and repeat dynamic layout.

Let's assume that we have a DP structure where the data are flattened and present in a page list structure. Grouping by a field is a typical feature of a table that is done by setting the group by feature in the presentation tab of the table

group by on the table presentation tab

and by setting which column is used for the grouping

group by column

With an RDL, a similar setting is available in the presentation tab- for more details, you can read another article on this topic.

For the total row, the best approach is to create a separate layout where the 2 columns will have a percentage width that will be aligned with the columns of the table. Using the helper class 'total-cell' on these fields as well as on the fields inside the table will help keep them aligned.

total-row helper class

With this approach it is possible to render the same view in a table, table with edit mode and RDL. Here is a short video of the functionality - the example is available in the UI gallery in Pega 8.5.2 and higher.

table total row

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