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Posted: February 14, 2021
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How to show a progress bar while files are being uploaded



In Pega 8x, there are two controls that let you attach multiple files to a case.

  1. pzMultiDragDropControlStandard (Final)
  2. pzMultiFilePath (Final)

Out-of-the-box controls

In this post, I've included a code snippet for both controls that enable to show a progress bar when files are being uploaded as below. Please see attached for How-To document.

Customized controls



*1. Since both of out-of-the-box controls are "Final", you will have to create new controls from scratch. Also you will have to do Save As a series of sections that reference the out-of-the-box controls accordingly.

*2. We've created this because some customers requested it, but it is not really recommended to customize such low level functionality. I would suggest to use the out-of-the-box ones as much as possible, because of two reasons - (1) If any issues occur, it may get hard to know if it is coming from customization or product. (2) When upgrade, product enhancement made to the controls will not be applied and you will miss the chance.





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