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How-to Submit Pega Community Issues You Encounter

While perusing the vast content on Pega Community, you may encounter some discrepancies that you'd like to submit to our team to fix. If you encounter technical or content issues, you can notify us in one of two ways:

  • Contact Us 
  • Suggest Edit 

Contact Us

Click the Contact Us control that appears on the right pane of most Pega Community pages.

Choose which type of issue you need to report and complete the form:

  • Resolve a Pega account issue
  • Suggest a content edit
  • Report a Pega Community bug

Based upon the selection you choose, the system routes your issue to the appropriate team.

If the page you want to alert us of a discrepancy doesn't auto-fill in when you hit the Contact Us button, simply open the Pega Community home page in a new browser tab to preserve your page context for your Contact Us submission. Then copy + paste the URL into the Contact Us box. 

Suggest Edit

Articles, both knowledgebase articles and support articles, include a Suggest Edit link.

Your Suggest Edit submission goes directly to the Pega team who owns the content.

Find the Suggest Edit link at the end of the article under the taxonomy tags and the publication date.


Hope you found this helpful and if you have any questions, let us know!

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