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Rajesh Venkata (batcv)
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Posted: February 4, 2020
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Ignoring test ruleset from Test coverage

Test rulesets are used to store the testing related artefacts, they are most likely PegaUnits, Setup related rules, Scenario test cases etc.

More details on Test coverage can be found in the post below:


Why we should Ignore Test ruleset from the Test Coverage

Primary intent of Test Coverage is to get the percentage of rules covered as part of test case execution. Basically, to know the extent of test coverage of application. If an application has rulesets in its stack which are not related to functionality and are either support/test/ temporary rulesets, one would want to ignore these rulesets in Test Coverage calculations to get the right picture of application and to find out gaps in testing. Ruleset which contains PegaUnits, Setup Data and rule etc is an example of one such ruleset. Ignoring such rulesets can be achieved by marking a ruleset as test ruleset as explained below.

Let’s consider an application has which 110 rules (in multiple rulesets). 10 out of these are testing related rules and are in a separate ruleset. If Test Coverage resulted in 30 covered rules, by doing testing, be it manual or automation, test coverage of application would show as 30/110 (27.2%), which may not project the appropriate state as it includes test related rules as well in denominator. If the ruleset which has these test rules is ignored, Test Coverage would show up as 30/100 (30%) which is more appropriate functionally.

To ignore a ruleset from test coverage we should make the ruleset as test ruleset.

Steps to make the ruleset as test ruleset

  1. Open Ruleset rule form and Go to Category tab.
  2. Look for “Test automation settings” section and select checkbox option “Use this ruleset to store test cases”.

We have application “U+ bank”, one of the rulesets is “AutomationRuleset”. We wanted to store the test related artifacts in this ruleset.

  1. Open Ruleset rule form and Go to Category tab.

2. Go to “Test automation settings” and select checkbox option “Use this ruleset to store test cases”.

After shifting to category tab select the checkbox “Use this ruleset to store test cases”.

After making the ruleset as test ruleset, we can store the test cases, testing related rules in it . Also making the Ruleset as test ruleset would not consider this ruleset for calculations in Application quality dashboard (Configure->Application->Quality->Dashboard ), PegaUnits landing page ( Configure->Application->Quality->Automated testing-> Unit testing-> Reports tab).

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