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Mohamed Mowafy (MohamedMowafy)
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Posted: January 23, 2021
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Implementing BLOB and Property Encryption

If you want to encrypt the BLOB and properties, either in a new or an existing application; the attached implementation guide will help you step by step. The document also includes a deployment plan to make sure the encryption is applied correctly in other environments. 



  1. General    
    1.     Pre-Project Considerations    
  2. Setup    
    1.     Step 1: Configure KeyStore    
    2.     Step 2: Activate KeyStore    
  3. Encryption of BLOB    
    1.     Removal of class instances    
    2.     Encrypt BLOB    
  4. Encryption of exposed properties    
    1.     Access Control Policy    
    2.     Column Length    
  5. Encryption in Exposed Properties – Issues and Design Patterns    
    1.     Section Rules – Visibility conditions in expressions    
    2.     Validation Rules    
    3.     Data Transforms/Activities    
    4.     Full Text Search    
    5.     Reporting    
  6. BIX    
  7. Deployment    


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