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China Chiranjeevi Kothi (Chiranjeevi12)
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Posted: March 9, 2015
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Implimentation of Repeating Grid

Hi All,


I'm stuck at creating an Repeating Grid in Pega V7.1.6. I was implemented complete procedure as like in pega 6.3. But here i'm not able get the results in the required field.


Here my requirement was i need to implement a repeating grid, in that the first field has to show the list of items. If i'm select the item from the dropdown, i need to see the corrsponding results in the next field.

Here field like, Item Name    Unit price. For this i was implemented completely, i'm also got dropdown items list. If i'm select the item from item name field, i'm not able to get the corrsponding cost of that field.

For getting the cost of an item i've written an activity with property-set metheod. i was called this activity in the item name field as an event like, OnChange-with Refresh when Condition. 

Repeating Grid: Section


Image removed.


Activity: Property-Set:

Image removed.When Condition along with Activity:

Image removed.

Item Name Field: With dropdown (With D_Page)

Image removed.

Event and Action:

Image removed.


Image removed.

Run Time:

Image removed.

I was Implemented like this. If i'm wrong please correct me, I think the problem with activity, but i not able find the problem, even i'm tracing it was showing good results.Quick response is highly appreciated

One more thing i want know what are the Other posibilities to implement this requirement....


I think we can also implement it with Data Transform, if it posible please let me know.


Thanks in advance...

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