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Posted: October 9, 2017
Last activity: January 23, 2018

Interaction Framework - Minor issue moving from Studio to Plugin

With the latest updates to Pega Robotics, there may be more people moving from Studio to the Plugin. If you have an Interaction.xml file which is stored inside the project directory, and you are moving from Pega Robotics Studio to the Pega Robotics Plug-in for VS 2015, it is necessary to change the path from "Pega Robotics Studio" to "Visual Studio 2015" in the .osproj files that reference that Interaction.xml file. Normally, all that is necessary is to change the extension from .ossln to .sln.

In my case, I was doing the training exercises and ran into a bug on studio so moved to plug-in. Within "CRMAdapter.osproj", I had to edit the following line to get the correct path and get rid of the error below.

<InteractionConfigurationFile>|Documents|\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\Training Certification\Main-UI\Interaction-Call.txt</InteractionConfigurationFile>

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