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Posted: March 21, 2016
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java script tags are displayed when we include HTML components in Correspondence.

Simulation steps:

  1. Create a correspondence rule, and include a section with row repeating grid or some text area component.

  2. In an activity, use property-set-corr method and set the correspondence to the property.

  3. In another UI section add a Rich text editor and assign the component to the property above(2nd step) and make the component Read only. 

On load of the UI section(3rd step), the embedded section in correspondence displays a script tag on above of the component.

<script type="text/javascript" src="webwb/pzpega_control_textarea_13960585370.js!!.js"></script>(displayed when added a section with text area component)
<script> var uniqueSectionID = "SID1458562502352"; </script>(displayed when added a section with repeating grid)



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