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Join us as we discuss Building Better Bots: Conversational UX That Gets Work Done: Thursday, November 09, 2017

Depending on what you’ve read or experienced, bot-building may seem incredibly challenging or incredibly easy. Either way, without proper foresight, you may end up falling into avoidable traps. Luckily, we know some tips that will take you from building just another chatbot to creating an intelligent virtual assistant that speaks human, gets real work done, and can carry that context across all your channels.

Join Pega’s product experts for our upcoming webinar, Building Better Bots: Conversational UX That Gets Work Done, featuring:

  • How to set the groundwork for successful bots
  • An intro to the basics of bot-building
  • Tips on effectively training your bot to do more

Register today to learn how to go beyond chat with dynamic engagement on and across any channel.

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