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Posted: December 15, 2020
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LSA UI/UX: Cosmos - Feature Set

Are there any plans to have templates for Website (like U+) in UI gallery?

We will likely need page template that are more consumer focused and can be used in a Mashup configuration.

A lot of clients like special UI gadgets and so they built custom control. Does it mean that the new UI framework will not allow custom control anymore?

At one point, we will provide a dev kit to allow front end developer to build their own component - This web kit will be provided in 2021.

Are there any color schemes or UI themes available for portals built with cosmos that would allow the developers to quickly change the look, keeping the design intact?

Yes, in 8.6, you will be able to re-theme the OTB UI by updating a couple of design tokens

As a cloud service solution provider, are we extending to support multi domain branding?

Each app in Pega can have its own branding

Will we able to see the source code of Cosmos components?

Yes. The components will be available on github.com/pegasystems

Can we create circumstanced views from the App studio?

No – we are moving away from using circumstancing

Can you please know the roadmap how older version of Pega like till 8.4 will move to this new pattern?

The new UI React based rendering will be enable through the app rule – see https://community.pega.com/knowledgebase/articles/whats-new-pega-platform/modernize-your-interface-cosmos-react-ui-85

Does 8.5 provides these new rule type for UI?

Yes - you can try out the new React based UI render in 8.5 - https://community.pega.com/video-library/pega-85-update-whats-new-user-experience

Does building in Dev Studio instead of App Studio mean that you likely have to build your own React components?

Dev studio should be used for advanced functionality that is not available in App Studio - in this new architecture, sections / harnesses rules will no longer be used and will be replaced by a new rule type called a view.

Does it support Accessibility from regulation perspective?


From which Pega version would it be available?

Cosmos React is available as a preview in Pega 8.5 - you can try it out! https://community.pega.com/video-library/pega-85-update-whats-new-user-experience

Can we launch the preview panel from a click of a button instead of hover?

No – the preview is shown only on links that points to cases

How does this integrate with Process Fabric?

Process Fabric will be able to run the case assignment without the new for opening a new browser tab - it will make the user experience smoother.

Is there a library / catalog available like the one available for 7.x version (UI Gallery) to see all these design templates?

There will be a completely new web site that will replace design.pega.com that will showcase all the components and templates based on the React rendering architecture.

One question on 8.6 which we heard today; do we know when it is planned for?

Q1 2021

So how can we refer the section in flow action? section is no more

Flow action will also be able to point to views as well as sections

So will the case management service methods be part of a separate service package?

The DX API v2 is using the new ‘application’ service package

The existing UI is generated on the server side, so we can use Pega Tracer for debugging, what about the new React-based UI? Will you provide any built-in tools for debugging of the ootb react components?

Yes, tracer will be supported to debug React based UI

Will the traditional Pega UI should die one day?

The current Pega UI rendering will continue to be supported for several releases to come. This new architecture is something that you need to opt-in.

What about Angular JS?

There is no plan to support an Angular version of the UI - If you have already an Angular component lib, you can build your own interpreter - The Angular Started Pack is going to be updated to showcase how to use the DX v2 api - check on Pega Exchange.

When using DX API v1, as it was stateless, we needed a lot of hack in the dev to make it work compared to the traditional stateful objects (with data pages and clipboard pages. Will we have also to have stateless in mind or will it be simplified / transparent?

More functionality will be available in the dx api v2 to handle complex use cases

Where are these Cosmos widgets? Are in the UI Gallery?

There will be a new update of https://design.pega.com that will showcase of the React component used in the Cosmos design system. Stay tuned!

Which Pega version includes a template for grids?

In 8.5, using the new React based table https://community.pega.com/knowledgebase/articles/user-experience/85/enabling-cosmos-react-ui-landing-pages

Which version of Pega will start supporting this?

There is a preview in 8.5 - https://community.pega.com/video-library/pega-85-update-whats-new-user-experience

Will Constellation be the design system of choice for replacing Mashup? Or will we have a different way? This is quite interesting for Apps using Outbound Campaigns (microsite implementations etc.)

Will Pega continue to support current UI rendering technology along with Cosmos?

Yes. The current architecture referred to as the 'Pega Infinity UI rendering' will still be supported for several releases.

Will some advanced UI features be available as OOTB DX ready views? Like Google maps/ FB/Twitter Integration etc.?

There will be a Location component based on Google maps - other widget like FB or Twitter could be provided on Pega Exchange.

Will there be support for adding custom built "automations" to enable more development using the app studio? For eg: a custom integration "component" (not a flow) can be dragged onto the casetype using app studio?

Yes, likely in the future

Will these changes make reporting in Pega possible?

Reporting is critical and this is something that will be integrated in this architecture. There will be React components for rendering different types of charts

Would it be possible OOTB to consume Custom API from the React UI?

This is not something that we are looking at. Next year, we will provide a dev kit that allows front-end dev to extend the UI and implement your own React component. The component will have access to API to get / send data to the server.

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