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Posted: December 15, 2020
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Posted: 15 Dec 2020 19:43 EST
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LSA UI/UX: DX API - React Starter Pack

With this new react system what would be the use cases for the React Starter kits that were provided earlier?

The starter packs are used if you want to build your own UI rendering layer and call the DX API directly – they are examples to get started and not intended to be used as is in production.

Would we see a new version of the React Starter Pack, compatible with DX API V2? I see one Starter Pack in Marketplace, but it is compatible with 8.1 and works OOTB with DX API v1 only.

Yes. A new version compatible with DX v2 is coming soon on Pega Exchange


If a client is planning to use DX v2 (with their own internal React team), is it all ready to go with Pega 8.5 now? Or is there a timeline down the road they should target?

Yes, the DX API v2 in 8.5 is available – more enhancements will be added in 8.6

Cosmos React will arrive. But what if the client is using Angular as an Enterprise standard? Will it be straightforward to move to a kind of Cosmos Angular?

The Pega platform will provide an open, API-based, industry-understandable architecture - we refer to it as the DX API - the api allows front-end developers to replace the front-end experience using your framework of choice

We’re currently building quite some customer facing journey’s using the DX (and Angular). If we want to expose these journey’s to employee’s and we want one front end design system, do we need to use React?

No - you can continue to use the DX API v1 and your Angular framework - You will also be able to use the new v2 api to get the latest features

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