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LSA UI/UX: Webinar, Questions and Answers

The Partner Technical Enablement team at Pegasystems launched its ongoing Continued Excellence Enablement series with the LSA UI/UX Webinar delivered by Diane Smith-Knowles and Braam Smith, with Dion Lammers fielding the Q&A.

This webinar featured Shaun Wortis, Sr. Director of Product Design. Shaun covered the Cosmos design system, Pega’s UI Architecture, the latest UI features in 8.5, and roadmap for future releases. Last but by no means least, Richard Marsot, Director of Front End Development, did phenomenal work answering the questions as they came into the webinar Q & A and did the incredible job of answering the remaining questions post-session. 

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UI/UX Webinar Replay

Watch the webinar recording

Pega UI Architecture: General Questions

Do you have a sample app build with the new architecture that we could take a look at and understand?

Currently, when we configure a flow, we have both the business logic and the UI (flow action). Is this going to change as the UI interaction is done via DX API?

Can we get some information on new UI service? Assuming it’s a micro service, is it deployed in separate container or node?

Do I need to install Java Script library? If Yes, what is the process?

Once fully using react based UI, will this lead to retirement of requestors? Will cookies and session affinity be required?

Once fully using react based UI, will this lead to retirement of requestors? Will cookies and session affinity be required?

How is work object locking going to be handled when using API based architecture?

How does this work with the new project fnx runtime?

Pega UI Architecture: Performance

How are we going to maintain performance if UI is now going to use a service API for all the data to be rendered?

Really excited about Preview Panel. It is going to be a game changer and it is simply awesome. Could you please also enlighten us about performance impact in real time user experience?

Would this affect the filesystem space and configurations on the app server/jvm? If so, in what ways? Also, any considerations for infra functions node autoscaling etc.?

Pega UI Architecture: React

When the React version changes, can that be easily updated in Pega?

Are we planning for client-side state management e.g., Redux etc.?

Pega UI rules are converted to React code in the server side through the Constellation engine and finally the React code is rendered in client side. Is this statement correct?

Is the current Cosmos user portal built on React UI?

If everything is going through service calls, is it safe to say that we don't need to configure HA and passivation settings as there are no requestors involved in a complete Cosmos system?

If everything is going through service calls, is it safe to say that we don't need to configure HA and passivation settings as there are no requestors involved in a complete Cosmos system?

What does Client refer to? Is it a browser, how can I make runtime orchestrator available on the browser?

Is Cosmos tightly coupled with React technology, so in near future if some more advanced UI technology comes in future, how easy it will be to change?

Is Cosmos built on React then?

Is Cosmos currently using DX API?

Pega UI Architecture: Sketch

Will design.pega.com have Sketch stencils so we can do UI prototyping during the discovery phase?

Pega UI Architecture: Templates

Is logic to show / hide fields part of data or template in view?

Can developers create their own reusable templates?

Pega UI Architecture: UI-Kit

How far out are we from seeing this being the default in Pega vs the current UI Kit?

Pega UI Architecture: Constellation

Will Constellation act as a React/Angular/Vue interpreter? Is this the so called "DX Interpreter"?

Pega UI Architecture: Security

How do you handle security issues with open-source packages?

Implementation: Making Imp. Decisions

Does this mean we wait for 8.6 before doing anything with Cosmos?

For Internal/Back Office applications where superior/brand UI is not an ask. Instead, the need is to build fast is key goal. In such cases, should we still ask the client to go for Cosmos UI or stick to Drag and Drop UI design?

How to decide when to keep presentation layer within Pega or outside Pega and interact through DX. what are the guidelines?

In 8.4 and 8.5, we already have Cosmos. Should we switch to it or it is better to wait for 8.6 for Cosmos React?

In the center-out approach, if we create only the model, we don’t do any more styling within App Studio. Is that correct?

If we are starting Pega 8.5 recommendation, should we start with Cosmos instead of UI Kit?

What advise do you give for a new application, possibly with Pega apps included. Should we wait or start with Cosmos ASAP?

What if customer don’t want to use React for their UI?

Don’t you think by restricting with limited set of templates can sometime become a big hindrance to an enterprise suite application where the enterprise wise themes do not match with the preset templates?

Implementation Questions: Customization

Can we create a custom Cosmos component?

Can we customize the Cosmos design system?

Can we have non-auto generated code in views like sections to embed the js snippets for triggering GA events or CAPTCHA etc.?

How easy is it to create custom templates?

One of the suggestions so far has been to not customize the OOTB user portal which comes with Cosmos. I tried and it was not a simple thing to do. Is it going to change? Is there any plan to make the portal customizable?

When I create a new case using Cosmos OOTB, the actual case opens in a modal window. Is this by design?

The example that Shaun gave implies that there has to be a way to specify business logic at data model level. Does it mean there is a new data modelling framework that will enable this?

Is the Cosmos design system specific to each business vertical or just one centralized one?

How is localization is handled in Cosmos?

Can we host two applications on same server one with Cosmos and other with Cosmos React?

Studio, in future releases would I be able to convert my application into Cosmos UX in later versions?

What is the difference between Cosmos rules and Cosmos React...?

Will we able to use Cosmos with Pega8.4?

DX API: React

With this new react system what would be the use cases for the React Starter kits that were provided earlier?

Would we see a new version of the React Starter Pack, compatible with DX API V2?

If a client is planning to use DX v2 (with their own internal React team), is it all ready to go with Pega 8.5 now?

Cosmos React will arrive. But what if the client is using Angular as an Enterprise standard?

DX API: Auth and Security

How to handle URL tampering? Is there something Pega does automatically?

I saw that DX Api starter pack serves only Basic authentication. Is there any way for us to make it work with SSO?

Do we have to use reverse proxy to mitigate same origin web page restriction?

Will there be a way for changing the security of the DX API OOTB?

DX API: Migration

For clients who want to use DX API's in 8.3 version, are there any guidelines to be followed to minimize remediation efforts later (while upgrading to 8.6 - 8.x)?

Are the DX APIs v2 extensible? for example, we get metadata with DX APIs, is it possible to enrich the metadata being sent?

How are DX API and Cosmos related?

How flexible is the DX API V2 services in terms of mapping data to the clipboard?

Now that the UI is rendered in react and using DX API...would the Pega apps be stateless and don’t need sticky session anymore?

DX API: Performance

Since there is heavy usage of DX API in this architecture, do we need to tune any parameters to make sure the performance is optimized for rendering the data, rules?

We are currently using V1 DX API on one of our projects and all values sent back through the DX API come back as strings (Booleans, integers, etc.). Will V2 send the appropriate types through the endpoints?

What's the difference between DX API v1 and v2?

Will we receive the extended version of the starter pack for DX API's?

With 8.5, we get DX API v2. But does v2 only applies to APIs in case category like for cases assignment etc. Are we still supposed to use v1 for all other categories like authentication, system management etc.?

With DX API I see duplicate calls going from client to server and multiple calls also. which will impact the performance. Are you going to fix those?

Cosmos: App Studio

Regarding authoring in App Studio, do we support check-in/out and check-in comment for editing any rules?

Can we have some examples of the new configurability in App studio?

How the views are linked to the individual assignments in the process flows?

Cosmos: Feature Set

Are there any plans to have templates for Website (like U+) in UI gallery?

A lot of clients like special UI gadgets and so they built custom control. Does it mean that the new UI framework will not allow custom control anymore?

Are there any color schemes or UI themes available for portals built with cosmos that would allow the developers to quickly change the look, keeping the design intact?

As a cloud service solution provider, are we extending to support multi domain branding?

Will we able to see the source code of Cosmos components?

Can we create circumstanced views from the App studio?

Can you please know the roadmap how older version of Pega like till 8.4 will move to this new pattern?

Does 8.5 provides these new rule type for UI?

Does building in Dev Studio instead of App Studio mean that you likely have to build your own React components?

Does it support Accessibility from regulation perspective?

From which Pega version would it be available?

Can we launch the preview panel from a click of a button instead of hover?

How does this integrate with Process Fabric?

Is there a library / catalog available like the one available for 7.x version (UI Gallery) to see all these design templates?

So how can we refer the section in flow action?

The existing UI is generated on the server side, so we can use Pega Tracer for debugging, what about the new React-based UI?

Will the traditional Pega UI should die one day?

What about Angular JS?

When using DX API v1, as it was stateless, we needed a lot of hack in the dev to make it work compared to the traditional stateful objects (with data pages and clipboard pages. Will we have also to have stateless in mind or will it be simplified / transparent?

Where are these Cosmos widgets? Are in the UI Gallery?

Which Pega version includes a template for grids?

Which version of Pega will start supporting this?

Will Constellation be the design system of choice for replacing Mashup? Or will we have a different way? This is quite interesting for Apps using Outbound Campaigns (microsite implementations etc.)

Will Pega continue to support current UI rendering technology along with Cosmos?

Will some advanced UI features be available as OOTB DX ready views? Like Google maps/ FB/Twitter Integration etc?

Will there be support for adding custom built "automations" to enable more development using the app studio? For eg: a custom integration "component" (not a flow) can be dragged onto the case type using app studio?

Will these changes make reporting in Pega possible?

Would it be possible OOTB to consume Custom API from the React UI?

Cosmos: Mobile

Are offline capabilities are supported in DX API v2 in both Pega provided mobile app and custom build app?

How Cosmos would impact the Pega Mobile App?

We recently moved to Flutter as mobile front end and planning for an upgrade to Pega 8.x. Will cosmos support flutter integration?

Will we have the same offline capability as with UI Kit version of the UI?

Cosmos: Pega Apps

Cosmos is currently for Pega Platform, but are the strategic applications like CRM or PGP also "upgraded" to Cosmos?

Do we have the same Cosmos interface for CRM?

For Pega Marketing, is there a way we can see the Decision response in UI as a demo for Different channel like Web, Mobile etc.?

Is Cosmos UI applicable only for Case Management UI in Pega platform or is it designed for Pega frameworks as well such as Customer Service UI and Sales Automation UI?

Does DX API support the CLM/KYC framework?

Is there any timeline that teams are targeting to uplift all three strategic apps to Cosmos UI?

What about design system for CDH, is it going to be updated to new React component? In case yes, in which release is it planned?

What is the target Date for Sales Automation to integrate with Cosmos?

What kind of effort do you think will be required to convert a Pega Customer Service application that was built using UI tool kit in Pega 7.x and that has been upgraded to Pega 8.x recently, to convert to Cosmos?

When will the Pega Customer Service application, particularly Pega Customer Service for Healthcare be on Cosmos?

Learning, Certification, and Skills

Could you please point us to where we can get started with learning Cosmos and its relation to case management?

Also, can we have a detailed tutorial in PDN about the configuration and implementation of DX API?

Any change to have UI/UX Pega Certification back?

Can you please give example of business logic embedded into sections currently and how you are solving it going forward? With the new UI/UX, can we still use tracer to debug issues? As a Pega developer, should I learn ReactJS to work in the future?

Can we have a lab where we can play with Cosmos?

Do we have a plan to create a UI/UX specialist course which helps to do some hands-on?

Do we have a Sandbox sort of env where we can get some hands on?

Do we have cloud or beta version available for early peek into this cosmos Pega UI framework, so that we can explore this?

Does Cosmos UI mean LSAs have to become JavaScript experts and know React, Angular etc. to be able to work with it?

Is there a Pega Cosmos react demo application available for us to play around in Pega academy or something we can download in exchange to use it in personal edition?

Are there plans to introduce a design showcase similar to what most design systems have to help users learn and socialize the design system?

It appears that business users need to be retrained as we cannot mimic the current UI layouts in Cosmos after migration. Can you confirm?

Starting in Pega 8.6, does a developer need React knowledge to modify UI according to business need?

What sort of extra skills (in native tech such as JavaScript) will the general project team members need for the average project?

Migrating an existing Pega UI to Cosmos

Will the current Pega UI be decommissioned once Cosmos is live? if so, then what is the tentative timeline?

Apart from screens already build, how can I port the skins created for old version? Can I use as is?

Can we get specific guidance right now for how to develop UI in 8.4 and below to streamline this upgrade/transition process of our existing UI to this new model? Or would it mean redoing UI when this comes along?

Do we need to rebuild all the current sections using template to start using Cosmos?

How can we mitigate challenges while migrating to Cosmos?

How easy will it be to upgrade, especially going from Ver 7.X or even 8.X and with Strategic apps like Customer service or legacy apps, like Smart Investigate?

How hard will be the upgrades (with a best practices-followed application) to Cosmos UI?

How will the new UI/UX way of doing improves upgrade?

I have 7.3 application and shortly planning to upgrade for 8.4.3. Is it wise to put that on hold and wait for full react-cosmos production ready version is released?

I'm excited about Cosmos for new apps, but how can we upgrade apps built in 7.1 (pre-views) to Cosmos without having to rebuild all sections?

In terms of test automation, if a test suite has been written with the UI tool kit, after conversion of the application to Cosmos, do we need to create a new set of test automation suites?

Is Cosmos version independent of platform version? If Cosmos V1 rolls out with Platform X1, can we use Cosmos V2 with X1?

Is there a plan to have an DL wherein customers of Pega can send a use case and have some kind of high-level estimate or Cosmos UI design approach to be followed, also what and how other customers of Pega have been able to implement in Cosmos UI?

Is there any automated upgrade UI/UX (Cosmos) wizard for applications who wants to upgrade their UI from previous version to expedite their upgrade plan?

Are there any guidelines for upgrading an app to 8.6 from lower versions, like any prerequisites before upgrading?

Is there any UI components that we have to start not using to help cosmos migration later?

No more sections, harness, skin etc.?

Is the skin rule also no longer needed if we use Cosmos? Like user portal?

So are we going away with Harness and sections from now?

What kind of current implementations will make it harder to upgrade to this new UI/UX model? Is it probably easier to scrap the existing UI and rebuild new with Cosmos?

What should the process for a project with solutions framework like customer service be upgraded to Pega 8.5? will Pega provide the utilities?

What would be the migration cost when moving to React? Can we expect easy conversion utility to migrate all the existing rules OOTB?

If an organization has a branding style defined (Global CSS) can this view read data from a traditional style sheet instead of Pega Skin Rule?

Would we be able to switch to Cosmos from the traditional portal post Pega upgrade / mid of development phase?


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