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Posted: November 4, 2020
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Migration from Theme-Cosmos 01.01 to 02.01

This article explains the effort involved when upgrading to the latest version of Theme cosmos. Pega 8.5.1 is released with Theme cosmos. 02.01 version.

Your application should work as is if it's still built on Theme cosmos 01.01. Pega recommends using the latest version of the cosmos to use new features and capabilities. This migration to the latest version of theme-cosmos involves development effort. 

List of areas 

 1.  Updating preview panel header sections to get the capabilities to perform actions from the preview panel 

In case sections like CaseActionHeader or pyCasePreview are overridden look at the OTB section in 02.01 to get this capability to launch actions from the preview panel 

01.01 screenshot

Preview 01

02.01 screenshot 

Preview panel actions


2. Enhanced support of open in new tab 

With 02.01 version the user when opens any work object using right-click "Open in new tab"   entire portal would be launched instead of only harness. 


3. Todo component can now show a flat or hierarchical table or you can hide the component 

Settings can be changed under the cosmos UI category of a case


4  Default behavior after creation is changed from showing toast to launching a case 

 In 01.01 the behavior is achieved through when condition pyCreateAndOpenCase. 

  In 02 .01 version, the behavior can be configured in the Cosmos UI category  under the settings tab of case designer


Cosmos UI

show toast

5. Ability to hide/show summary tabs

This feature is available only from 02.01.  You can configure when conditions to show the tab in the Summary panel.

Note when expressions are not supported.

In pyCaseMainInner use Section's  property panel to configure visibility when conditions to show/hide a tab based on some data

section visiblity

6.  Refreshing custom sections using refresh when and sometimes using run script 

Use refresh when of dynamic layout or Section to refresh the details automatically based on property 

If for a reason there is no property that gets added/changed you can configure runScript action to refresh a section pega.desktop.infinity.refreshCaseSections() and pass section name 

7. UserPortal has been simplified with fewer OTB pages

 User Portal will be shipped with the following pages:

  • Home
  • Dashboard
  • Spaces
  • Reports
  • ExploreData

My Work, Documents, and Teams are no longer shipped by default but users can add them manually if needed by overriding the navigation

8. Worklist can display as table

On the HomeMain, it is now possible to render ‘My worklist’ as a table instead of a flat list – this is especially useful if you have a large number of items in your worklist

Note that this is not a user personalization settings and apply to all users by setting the parameter ‘Display a table’ to true



Flat list vs table view




9. Filter on the overlay of the worklist

A new search filter is added in the overlay that allows to quickly filter the user or workbasket you want to find. 



10. pxAssignmentView extension

Ability to extend pxAssignmentView without having to override the section – a new section called pyassignmentviewext is shipped as empty which can be used as an extension


11. Case history styled as per cosmos theme 

Case history can now be viewed in a modal  and attachments are not shown as part of history

To fallback to platform behaviour of showing case history in a pop/new tab with attachments 


12.Preview panel tab's text is now displayed in uppercase 


13.Localize Preview link

The button should be localizable -  You just need to create the following field value.

field value to create to localize the preview button

Additional Pega 8.5 changes that could be used for your use case

1. Vertical and horizontal screen flows in create stage



2. Ability to show metadata on tabs 

In Pega 8.4 release, the metadata (count badge) is configured using icon property from 8.5 version it can be done through property 

Icon property

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