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Posted: July 16, 2021
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Migration of Theme-Cosmos 02.01 to 03.01 - Assignments

This document describes changes made to Case Assignments introduced in Theme-Cosmos 03.01 and migration steps for your application.


Prior to Theme-Cosmos 03.01, D_CaseAssignments and D_pyCaseContents Data Pages were of class Assign-Worklist, despite it is sourced with assignments of class Assign-Workbasket too.

The issue with explicit casting to Assign-Worklist

This explicit casting to one class implies that in case of Assign-Workbasket typed assignments all rules referenced under Go button in the To Do widget are invoked from the improper class. This was addressed in Theme-Cosmos 03.01. From now on, the aforementioned Data Pages are of class Assign- and property pxResults contains Clipboard Pages of either Assign-Worklist or Assign-Workbasket. That means, Assign-Workbasket.pyToDoItem section had to be created next to the corresponding, already existing section pyToDoItem of class Assign-Worklist. The base version of the section defined in Theme-Cosmos ruleset matches the old one that has been used until now (from the sibling class).

Migration steps

Therefore, if any of these rules has not been overridden in the application:

  • Assign-Worklist.pyToDoItem (Section)
  • Assign-Worklist.pyAssignmentsActions (Section)
  • Assign-Worklist.pyAssignmentsOperatorAssignedTo (Section)
  • Assign-Worklist.pyAssignmentsUrgencyLabel (Section)
  • Assign-Worklist.pyIsAssignmentResolved (When rule)
  • Assign-Worklist.pyPopulateCaseContentsInner (Activity)
  • Assign-Worklist.D_CaseAssignments (Data Page)
  • Assign-Worklist.D_pyCaseContents (Data Page)

you may stop reading here. Otherwise, for sections and when rules (first 5) you need to create corresponding rule in the Assign-Workbasket class. It mostly should be a direct copy of the rule.

Speaking of Data Pages, the only change that has been made is the "Object type" value, that needs to be replicated in your overridden rule.

Data Pages requested change

When it comes to the Activity rule, to make sure we don't introduce breaking changes for all applications, we created a copy of the Assign-Worklist.pyPopulateCaseContentsInner => Assign-.pyPopulateAssignmentContents. Any change that has been made in the application layer to the former Activity must be replicated in this new Activity.

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