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Molecular Visualization in Pega

Our Life Sciences customers frequently request novel UI elements. One in particular is molecular visualization: the ability to take a textual specification of a molecule and translate it into a graphical representation. There are numerous frameworks in a variety of programming languages that perform this task. In the following video, I show how this can be done using the Open Source JSmol library. This is a JavaScript library, which I incorporated into a custom section to create an interactive HTLM5 graphical rendition of a selected molecule.

This is very much an off-the-cuff, unpolished example -- in fact, in the time since I first posted this video, several colleagues have helpfully pointed out how the "mysterious problems" I encountered were actually of my own making. But I think it's a great example of just how powerful the Pega 7 UI is -- not only for the familiar textboxes, datepickers, etc., but also for advanced, domain-specific UI elements you wouldn't normally expect to see outside of hand-coded applications or rigid point-solutions.

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