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Piotr Kulig (Piotr Kulig)
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Posted: November 17, 2018
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Most common issues with conversational channels

This documents contains most common problems, their reasons and possible fixes for them. The issues are common for all conversational - MCP framework based channels (Facebook, Alexa, SMS, WebChat).

1. I don't get any response

  • Invalid operator set as Template in channel configuration. Operator must have access to application where channel is defined.
  • Invalid default access group for Template operator. Default group for template operator must match application where channel is defined to get proper ruleset's stack.
  • No paragraph for response. Using Clipboard tool, find referenced paragraph and check whether it exists in proper ruleset. Paragraph must be placed in ruleset on template user's default's application stack.
  • NLP problem. Please turn off/remove (on advanced text analysers configuration) NLP processing to check whether it isn't caused by it.

  • Facebook. Check validity of data in connection tab. Connection tab data must match data in Facebook application.
  • WebChat:
    • Don't use the same browser where you have active Pega session (for the same Pega instance). WebChat uses Pega cookies to handle authentication so it will log you as the same user which could be invalid.
    • Check Mashup Security (Application Definition -> Integration & Security tab) if there are any limitation.

2. Case creating/processing doesn't work

  • Invalid case definition.
    • Case could'n contain UI forms. It has to be built using ConversationalBuilder, technically Question Smart shape based flows.
    • Case must reach "Resolve-*" status or be reassigned to different operator.
    • Case must generate at least one question. (No question cases will end with Internal Error response).
  • Case created via different channel. Only case created within same interaction will be processed.

3. Entity extraction doesn't work

  • Entities are only extracted from the text, the result of which is the creation of a work item (case).
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