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Tony Tung (tungt)
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Posted: March 17, 2015
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Naming Convention

The suggested naming convention in the lesson Tips on Developing an application for flow action states that:

"Flow Actions - Use a verb and noun convention for flow actions, for example, Approve Correspondence. A flow action can reference other records. When associated with certain activities, data transforms and validation records, prefix the flow action name with:

  • Pre — if used with a pre-activity or data transform; for example, PreApproveCorrespondence
  • Post — if used with a post-activity or data transform; for example, PostApproveCorrespondence
  • Val — if used with a validate record; for example, ValApproveCorrespondence"

I don't think this convention is workable, because a flow action can have pre-action, post-action, and/or validation.  So what do you call a flow action that have all of them?  PrePostValApproveCorrespondence?  That's horribly clumsy.  Also, the pre-action, post-action and validation can be added or removed after the flow action is created and it is not that easy to change the name of a rule once it is created.  A convention like this won't work.

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