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Posted: August 26, 2015
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Not Able to add more records in grid repeating in section

Hi Folks,


I have one OOTB sectioni i am modifying this section to add my fields in repeating grid, i am able to add some fields after that its allowing me to add but not able to see the any values at portal level, its displaying empty,i am getting error in log file "Failed to compile generated Java com.pegarules.generated.html_section.sh_stream_pydashboarddetails_2496b13c8e3af906b8013fcb972464ee: ---------- 1. ERROR in com/pegarules/generated/html_section/sh_stream_pydashboarddetails_2496b13c8e3af906b8013fcb972464ee.java (at line 82) public void execute() { ^^^^^^^^^ The code of method execute() is exceeding the 65535 bytes limit ---------- 1 problem (1 error) ".

Can you pls solve this issue.


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