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Not able to delegate a rule for production edit purpose

Dear Pegaites,

I have a requirement to delegate a decision table rule to be maintained by specific user access group.


I followed the below steps but still the rule I am unable to save in the delegation ruleset and is not appearing in the user portal of that specific group.


1. Created ruleset ABC with application ruleset as a prerequisite and kept is unlocked.

2. Added ABC ruleset under production rulesets of the application.

3. Added ruleset ABC in the Production Rulesets of the specific access group.

4. Tried to save the rule to the ABC ruleset but unable to do. The ruleset ABC is not appearing in the ruleset list in the save as form.

5. Tried to add the rules in favorites and added to other access group. Also tried the Delegate option from the action menu.


Please suggest.

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