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Posted: December 22, 2015
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Not Able To Run My OnBoarding Case After Finishing "Guardrails for Business Reporting" practical Excercise.

Hi Team,

Not Able To Run My On-Boarding Case After Finishing "Guardrails for Business Reporting" practical Exercise. Getting Following error message. I don't know why it is happen, even i have completed "SelectedMedicalPlans" report excercise without getting any error but when i tried to run report i am getting Null pointer exception.

<status><title>PegaRULES Request Status</title><constant>fail</constant><message>caught exception java.lang.NullPointerException</message><username>Admin@SAE</username><requestorid>H63D31B5F608017B4F93AB0DB89255828</requestorid><etierversion>PegaRULES 7.10 ML6 (coreAssemblyCached_716_259)</etierversion></status>

And after run report when i tried to run case then i am getting following error:-

<status><title>PegaRULES Request Status</title><constant>fail</constant><message>The property pyWorkPage.pyWorkParty(Owner) was of mode String while com.pega.pegarules.data.internal.clipboard.ClipboardPropertyImpl.getPageValue() was expecting Page mode.  Details: (none)</message><username>Admin@SAE</username><requestorid>H63D31B5F608017B4F93AB0DB89255828</requestorid><etierversion>PegaRULES 7.10 ML6 (coreAssemblyCached_716_259)</etierversion></status>

Before that i was able to run case,Part-time Employee report and its subcase. Could you please help on that.

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