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Sakthi Vickraman S R (srs01)
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Posted: March 16, 2021
Last activity: March 17, 2021

Open Cosmos application multiple times in different browser tabs

Ideally, when the Pega portal is launched in two different browser tabs, the previous tab will be refreshed which leads to loss of work when the two portals are opened. 

To improve efficiency, Pega has enhanced the support of multiple sessions and it has been adopted in the Theme-Cosmos.

This feature has been supported from Pega 8.6 and from Theme-Cosmos version 03

How to configure?

By default, when the Theme-Cosmos version is updated to 03.01, this feature will be available for the customer.


UserPortal section should not be overridden in the application ruleset. if it has been overridden, then the "Allow concurrent work in multi-tabs/browsers" checkbox should be checked. The configuration of a dynamic container should be as below. 

MultiTab config

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