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Pagelist/group looping working incorrectly

We have a logic to loop through pagelist/pagegroup and apply a when condition to find the matching instance. Rules are working fine if we run for few requests but when we started our performance testing where we increased the load to 70 requests/ minute, we are facing some weird issues with looping. Out of 5000 requests(same requests), there are 20-30 instances when this issue is coming.We have 3-4 places where this looping issue is coming. One such example is below:

@IndexInPageListWhen("FindTheCorrectInstance", .ListOEntries.pxResults)- There are 72 results for pxResults.

Correct instance is in pxResults(36) however we can see from tracer that after reaching pxResults(35), it jumped to pxResults(13) then (14) till 20 and then it jumped to pxResults(37) skipping pxResults(36) completly. Similare behaviour is happening for others loops where we are using these functions - IsInPageList and looping through 'For Each Page In' Declare_Q.pxResults.

Did you face any similar issue in your projects? if yes, any resolution?


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