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params passed to HTML control is not working


We have one section which has Row Repeat. In that Row Repeat we have one button (customised HTML control) and passing params to that from that Pagelist index. in the HTML code it calls one activity passing the same params.

this code is working fine in Pega6 but now working after upgrading to 7.1.8.

It says undefined for params passed. Pls help.

code snippet used as below. Getting undefined for firmname, state and FirmNumber

ClipboardPage pgWorkPage = tools.findPage("PendingApprovalLoans");
ClipboardProperty prop = tools.getActive();

String firmname = tools.getParamValue("firmname");
String state = tools.getParamValue("state");
String FirmNumber = tools.getParamValue("FirmNumber");

tools.putSaveValue("firmname" , firmname);
tools.putSaveValue("state" , state);
tools.putSaveValue("FirmNumber" , FirmNumber);


<script language="JavaScript">
function testMethod(buttonElem){
var oSafeURL = new SafeURL();
oSafeURL.put("pyActivity", "BAC-FW-ANFMFW-Data-Portal.ApproveLoans");
oSafeURL.put("firmname", buttonElem.firmname);
oSafeURL.put("state", buttonElem.state);
oSafeURL.put("FirmNumber", buttonElem.FirmNumber);

var strURL = oSafeURL.toURL();



<BUTTON title="Approve All" style="CURSOR: hand" onclick="testMethod(this)" firmname="<pega:reference name="$save(firmname)"/>" state="<pega:reference name="$save(state)"/>" FirmNumber="<pega:reference name="$save(FirmNumber)"/>">
<SPAN class='buttonLeft'></SPAN>
<SPAN class='buttonMiddle'>
<SPAN class='buttonText'">Approve All Loans</SPAN>
<SPAN class='buttonRight'></SPAN>

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