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Parse XML with XPath


we are introducing Web Services and the interface definition has changed. Our approach is to use the old code and map the new interface to the old data model layer using the Parse XML.


The old data model of class Description has 4 properties: englishText, germanText, frenchText

The new Description structure in the Web Service is as following:




    <value>English description</value>




    <value>Frensh description</value>




Is there any way to map the new repeatible structure to the old flat one within the Parse XML?

We are using PRPC v6.1


I've read the version 5 Parse XML allowed to use XPath, I've tried to save as an old Parse XML rule (which is still using the old version, also if deprecated), and use it as Apply-Rule on the description node, but it seems the following xpath is not working:


language[locale='fr']/value | Set Value | .frenchText


Thanks for the help

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