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Passed the PCSA Exam

I passed the PCSA exam today. I know others are concerned about the available study material and practice exams; so I wanted to let others know how I got to this point.

1. My first contact with the Pega Platform was early November 2018.
2. I had completed the System Architect Essentials course up to the final project by mid-December working on it part-time (1 ~ 3 hours a day), but that included a week off for vacation.
3. I worked on the final project part-time over a couple of weeks. I played an experimented during some of the steps.
4. I repeated the final project from scratch fairly quickly.
5. I repeated all the Assessments in the course and noted any questions or subjects I had doubts about.
6. I reviewed those subject areas.
7. I repeated the Assessments one final time the night before the exam.

I will say that there were a couple questions that I didn't feel I had the knowledge to answer, but the exam did contain experimental questions so maybe that's what I saw. Also, there are questions on the exam that are not in the Assessments so don't depend just on the Assesment questions. Review the course material.

I had plenty of time left at the end of the exam and never felt rushed. I'm dyslexic. I tend to take longer than average on these sorts of exams and miss a few questions just to misreading or understanding the question.

I hope this helps you prepare for the PCSA exam.

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