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Posted: November 2, 2015
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Passivation vs inactivity timeout

Recently we hit exceptions because our shared passivation folder was not large enough. We are considering expanding the size of that folder, however I am also curious about using an inactivity timeout. If we could implement an inactivity timeout using OOTB rules to autoamtically log a user out rather than saving their passivation files on a storage device it seems like that would be a better solution. I have looked for inactivity timeout information but am unable to turn up much. If anyone has answers or any kind of input for the following questions I would certainly appreciate you responding.

1) Has anyone already implemented a solution using an incativity timeout?

2) Which OOTB rules are involved? In what version are these rules a part of PRPC?

3) What information/guide/article/resource helped you implement your inactivity timeout?

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