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PCC How-To: Update Your Avatar and PCC Nickname

One of the best ways to be recognized in the Pega Collaboration Center while authoring new content is to update your avatar and nickname!

This creates a more personalized experience not only for you but for the other members here with us!

We did introduce our hover upon avatar to see your full name and details but at first glance it's always best to represent yourself as more than your default avatar and nickname!

You might be wondering: Well, how do I personalize these details? Fret not because I will share the simple steps on how to update your avatar and nickname in under 5 minutes!

To update your avatar, follow these easy steps:

Please note these changes will all occur while in My Pega

Starting here in the Pega Collaboration Center in the top right:

Click Hello (Your Name)>  My Profile

My Pega dropdown My Profile

(might have to do this again within My Pega)

Note: All these steps moving forward are now done within My Pega

On the card you’ll see your name and to the left is the default person icon.

Click Edit Profile under this placeholder image


Edit Profile

Click the pencil icon on the avatar placeholder

Edit Avatar

Click Upload a New Image > Browse > follow prompts

Upload a new picture

While in edit view for your profile, scroll down and feel free to edit the rest of your profile:  

  • Project Availability
  • About Me
  • Bio
  • My Experience

Then Save Profile

Once that is done, click on Hello (Your Name) > My Settings

Scroll down to the section Collaboration Center Nickname

Enter your new nickname in the box.

PCC Nickname

I always recommend using FirstNameLastName. For example, mine is MarissaRogers > no space.

In order for your new nickname to take effect you will need to log out and log back in.

Then save nickname!

And that is it! It probably took me longer to write these steps than it will take you to make these changes!

If you have any questions, let us know!

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