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Posted: December 30, 2018
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Pega 7.4 Added new features

New UI changes:

Auto generated slider control
Advanced data utilization control for chart: radial chart, bullet and radar chart
Advanced Text under format

new event onload is now added to action tab under section include

improved performance and styling on pdf generation
Provided support to generate mash up code for below action
create new work
display harness
get next work
open assignment
open work item

Security specific:

Access control policy list all properties to be encrypted in property encrypt policies
No code configuration on saml sso authentication

Email account configuration user friendly


unlimited case attachments

Pega Express:

Delete case type and instances from pega express
Case designer user can re use the process at the top of case life cycle

Edit mode savable
Data save options

New smart shape: Load datapage and save datapage
Pega cloud file storage repository is configured and ready to use in cloud cluster
User can create their own repository: to store and retrieve files

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